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Hello world!

Welcome to my diary for my 4-Hour Body experience.  I am going to try to use this blog/site as my journal to track my progress as I go through the 4-Hour Body book by Tim Ferriss

I purchased the book the day it came out at a small book store called Coles close to my office.  I started reading that night and have not quite finished all of the book, but have gotten through the parts that are the most important to me in about a week.

My short review of the book (long review will be another post) is that it is very helpful.  For anyone that has been reading Tim’s blog and wants more details on things like the slow carb diet, or putting on mass this book will help with 1) information and 2) motivation.

I will try to post daily and will put up some additional links to products etc that you can purchase that are required for accomplishing the goals of this book.


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