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My 4-Hour Body Goals

The structure of the book is quite unique in that there is something for everyone (maybe not everyone but most people).  I think this is a good thing and a smart move by Tim, kind of a choose your own adventure (I loved those books as a kid).

So what are my goals, and what chapters/techniques will I be focusing on?

  1. Losing weight/fat and gaining (back) muscle
    I was a multi-sport (average) athlete as a kid and losing weight was never an issue, gaining it was.  Now that I am 31 I have gone up and down the sale like stock prices in a bear market.  So my first goal is to drop some L-Bs and gain back some muscle.  I obviously want to do this as quick as possible.
  2. Increase speed, strength, flexibility and endurance
    I could at one time bench 250lbs and squat 400lbs which is only amazing when compared to my current strength.  I also still play some organized sports and would like to be one of the faster guys again.  I have ran a hand timed 40 in 4.75 about 11 years ago.  My flexibility and endurance has always been low, but it has gotten extreme in the past few years.  My wife kicked my ass last year in a 10Km run.
  3. Fix My injuries
    I have some old football (knee) and other (shoulder, back, groin, hips) injuries that I have seen 1 Chiropractor, 2 Physiotherapists, 2 Acupuncturist, and 6 Massage Therapists for.  Hopefully getting these fixed will help me preform better and feel better.
  4. Sleeping Better
    I have never been able to get to sleep very quickly unless very tired.  I have already started a post specifically about this here.
  5. The rest of the book
    Now some parts of the book are a bit contradictory to others (Subtracting fat vs Geek to Freak) but I do have a brother that has a hard time putting on weight, and I am going to try to help him using the book.  All other parts of the book are new goals that I have.  Improving sex my wife will appreciate, and I have always wanted to enjoy swimming more, and who doesn’t want to live longer and healthier.

So that Is what I am focusing on in order.  I will try to have a page with my current routines, although I don’t usually have a Monday Wednesday Friday type routine but I do have routines.


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