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One week progress report

So I have been following the slow carb diet for a week and had one (ok one and a half) binge days.  I feel off the wagon on Sunday night, was at a family diner party, and none of the food was allow and I ate way too much (and had a beer).  So what are the results so far.   Well I lost about 5 lbs, went from 183 to 178, but the only thing I have to measure body fat is a $50 scale I bought which is very un-accurate,  I went from 31% to 29.5%.  The most important thing though is a feel great.  My energy level is up and my body feels like it did a few years ago.

The results are not bad, I did put back on 1lb after the weekend so I am motivated to work even harder this week and be more diligent.  One thing I am going to try to improve on is portion control.  I was eating far too much for each meal and will be dialing that back quite a bit this week, in a progressive manner.  I am also going to dial up the work outs this week as well.  I was only short workouts to try to get back into decent shape, but now that I can do 75 kettle bell swings at once I am going to add some push ups and deadlifts as well.  I will be making a page with my current routine shortly.

On a side note, I got a comment from Keith who is affiliated with NightWave on my insomnia post.  I emailed Keith to see how he found my blog, he replied that he tracks all NightWave activity closely, impressive as I had not even submitted my site to google yet and was not even index, nor did I post any links at all.  Probably a Gary Vee fan, good job Keith.


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  1. What have been people’s experience with Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Body Slow Carb Diet?…

    I have lost 5lbs in a week, but the binge day is killing me. I am doing light workout with 2x20lb kettelbells as well. I am tracking my progress here

  2. What do people think of the ‘4 Hour Body’?…

    It is an easy read, and while most of the info is not ground breaking, it does help for motivation. The “diet” is a way of eating, and is very easy to follow. As with any change in lifestyle it does take some time to get used to. I was a bit disappoi…

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