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So I have heard about ART a while ago and knew the basic idea but had not looked up to see if there is anyone locally that is practicing it. I recently found a clinic that does I read the bio’s of the two chiropractors that practice it there and was excited to meet either of them. As I mentioned before I have seen 1 Chiropactor, 2 Physio Therapists, 2 Acupuncturists, and 5 Massage Therapists, for my old football and chronic back injuries.

I called and they had an opening later that afternoon which was great. I gave Dr. Magowan my long explanation of my issues, he asked where I heard of ART and I mentioned the book. The first 30 minutes were just discussion, explanation and some diagnosis of my issues. It wasn’t anything that I didn’t already know. My right knee is painful mostly because of my right hip, my flexibility is terrible, my back posture is bad etc etc. The treatment was unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

The first treatment was for my IT band, and did that hurt. I would put it up there with one of the most painful things that I have had to experience, luckily my pain threshold is pretty high. Then he worked on my knee and the soft tissue around the joint, and used a Graston tool. Graston is not mentioned in the book but is a similar principal to ART but with a small tool to get into the joints.

It felt great, I will post results after each session but so far so good. Afterwords I met with their Kinesiologist who gave me some additional exercises and stretches. Not offten you see a chiropractic clinic with a squat rack, TRX and a Kinesiologist. I am excited to get my issues fixed but I know it will take a lot of work on my part as well.


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  1. I’ve done a fair amount of ART in my time, and I find it nothing short of miraculous, I’ve also sent a lot of friends and family to ART treatment wtih chronic conditions and had them clear up in 4-5 visits. The key thing for anyone reading this that feels skeptical about chiropractic should understand is that ART practitioners will tell you that if your problem isn’t seriously corrected after a series of visits they will not be able to help you. As much as skeletal adjustments will aid in the short term unless the soft tissue concern is dealt with it will pull you back out of alignment.

    My favorite ART doctor was the team practitioner for the Eagles when they won the Super Bowl, she says that every NFL team has one on the sidelines during the games because it works that well, and that quickly.

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