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Current sticking points

I have been doing pretty good.  I still get late night craving because I eat diner around 6-7pm but don’t go to bed until midnight and had a previous late night snack in my routine.  My plan is to try celery sticks and peanut butter as Tim Suggests in one of his chapters.

My other issue has been remembering to take the AGG pills before meals.  I have missed at least 1 each day and am just starting to get that into my routine.  This will fix itself eventually.

A couple time I have had low blood sugar, I have always been able to feel this, and was waiting for my amazing wife to finish cooking dinner.  So I would “cheat” and have a small amount of orange juice (about 250mL or 1/2 cup) just so I am not starving and raid all the chocolate in the house.

Other than that this has been pretty easy to follow and I feel better every day.


Comments on: "Current sticking points" (2)

  1. Has anyone taken the vitamins associated with the book?…

    First PAGG are supplements not vitamins. I don’t think there are any bad side affect here are some links for you to read: Alpha Lipoic Acid  > Side effects are generally rare and may include s…

  2. Do you actually need to do all the stuff in “Damage Control” during binge day?…

    You don’t NEED to do anything in the book, but you will probably fat and out of shape if you don’t LOL. As Chris says it depends on your goals. I am having a hard time sticking to the slow carb diet, as I have mentioned on my blog http://www.myfourho

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