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Lunch and Dinner

So my breakfast always stays the same, unless I run out of something (like salsa this week).  But lunch and dinner varies quite a bit.

I eat at my desk most of the time for lunch and lunch is usually left overs of dinner.  My amazing wife (she is a really good cook) makes dinner most of the time, she is helping out a lot and has adjusted her diet a little bit too.  We are both lactose intolerant so we can’t cook with any chesse, milk, sour cream etc.  We eat a lot of chicken tight (cheaper than breast), ground turkey, salmon, crab meat (the fake stuff), for proteins.  We used to eat a lot of potatoes but not anymore.  Sometimes we have yams or sweet potatoes (which have a much lower GI than white potatoes), and trying to get my wife to make some beans/legumes but she hasn’t yet.  We eat tons of spinach, and as much broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, tomatoes as we can.

For lunches I usually have left over from the night before, and a can of bean or lentil soup.

If I remember I will take some pictures of my meals starting tonight.  If anyone knows any good recopies please share.


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  1. I have been following the diet portion and the PAGG stacking since December 26th and as this morning I am down 7 lbs. Some of my favorite things to eat is:

    Low Fat, Low Carb and High Protien Shake ( with water)
    Eggs & Mushrooms & Peppers & Salsa

    We make Meatballs with spices and such and pair it with some steamed cauliflower and fresh chopped Garlic and Pepper with a bit of butter.

    A mock shepards Pie, Ground Beef, cooked in a beef bouillion, pepper and garlic mixed in with Peas.

    I do a taco wrap in lettuce, use mrs dash for your ground beefo/turkey spices and wrap it up with salsa and tomatoes and ground beef/turkey

    Chicken Salad is always a handy and easy meal to make with Balsamic Vin and olive oil,

    I cant think of anything else off the top of my head.
    I too gained 1 lb after cheat day but it was right as rain 1 day after resuming the 4 hour body way.

    Good luck.

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