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Tim mentions the 0.7 hip to waist ratio as the number of attractiveness. I have been on quora and yahoo answers recently and yahoo answers seems to full of young people asking the same questions over and over. The main question “Am I Fat”.

I have taken my knowledge of what Tim says as well as my own experience and research and answered some of the questions. I figured I would make a blanket answers for the common questions here, hopefully it helps some people out.

  1. What should you weigh?
    Weight is a terrible measure of health, fitness, or attractiveness.   Body fat percentage would be the most important measure.  There are different methods on how to measure body fat percentage most of which are very inaccurate.  The most popular would be skin folds which also have multiple algorithms that are used.

    The more accurate the measurement the more expensive it is.  Currently I use a $50 scale that does an approximate % and I was 29.1 today.  What should your body fat percentage be?  This is a very opinion based number as well, it is different for guys and girls.

    This wikipedia article states that for a male athlete it should be 6-13% and a female athlete 14–20%.  Now this number also need to include muscle composition as well, but I agree with those number and my personal goal is to get to 10%.

  2. Am I attractive/fat etc
    Attractiveness for females has one golden number 0.7.  That number is the hip to waist ratio and is found everywhere  For men it is 0.9.  These numbers show a strong coloration to health and fertility.
  3. How do I lose weight
    Anyone that has read The 4-Hour body or Tim’s Blog knows that the slow carb diet is an easy way to lose weight.  Through in some exercise, PAGG stack and ice baths and you can lose it even faster.

    General rules to follow
    1) No liquid calories (juice, pop etc)
    2) No white carbs (Rice, potatoes, and flour, bread, baked goods)
    3) No refined or artificial sugars
    4) Portion control (eat lots of meat, vegatables, and legumes but control your portions).

    Add some exercise with the kettlebell swing 3 days a week.
    Staying motivated is tough too.  I purchase a $50 scale that does body fat percentage as well (although not very accurate but that is ok).  I weight myself daily and track it at (free site and free iphone app)

  4. How do I get a six pack
    This is well defined in the book and this chapter is actually posted on gizmodo here
    General rules body fat must be below 12%
    Myotatic crunch for your rectus abdominis
    Stregthen your transverse abdominis (TVA) with the “cat vommit” exercise

Comments on: "Attractiveness, Fat Loss, and Six Packs" (5)

  1. Good tips. What’s your goal BF%? Mine is 8-12% (AKA Ab showing level ;)). Working my way there!

  2. I’m at around 15%, I always find it hard to reach the sub 10% ripped. I am increasing my cardio duration and getting it done before breakfast as I know this is the best way to burn fat.

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