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Progress Update

So the scale said 177.4 today. It’s been over a year since I have weight that and I am feeling stronger and better as well. Today way my binge day but I didn’t go crazy like I did last week. Last week I had 3 mini binge sessions which is probably why I gained back 3 of the 5 lbs that I lost.

I am starting to worry that I am doing too much though. I do kettlebell swings every other day 40lbs 75 reps (I need to buy a heavier kettlebell but shipping is expensive), and I do my 15 minute power walk ever other day. My power walked is turning into a jog as I am starting to try to learn to run properly and forefoot strike instead of heel strike. I do the myotatic crunch everyday as well as 20 mountain climbers for my hips. I also added some more stretching and foam rolling to my morning routine recently after visiting a local Chiro for ART (and he pretty much laughed at how tight I was).

The stretching and rolling takes a while so my routine is more like 30 minutes now where is was only 15 before. Is this too much to do everyday? I don’t feel as though I am straining myself too much, my muscles feel good not tired. I used to do much harder workouts 11 years ago when I was in the best shape of my life, and they were ever other day.

I am going to posts this as a question on quora and yahoo answers and see if anyone responds.


Comments on: "Progress Update" (5)

  1. I think maybe you need to really think about what it is your goals are. Are you trying to go from Geek to Freak or are you trying to lose weight (fat)? Become a better runner? Let me guess some sort of combination of all? If I remember correctly, This process is about exploration of what works well for your body. Maybe start some experiments on yourself such as , 1 week doing what you are doing, and maybe one week using the MED method of working out. See what happens. Track your results.
    Best of Luck Justin

  2. John Garnett said:

    Wal-Mart has a 50 pound CAP kettlebell for $63.54 and only $2.96 shipping. The shipping has to be costing them at least $20.

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