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So I was out shopping for a bit today and stopped by the Adidas outlet, and the shoe warehouse to see if I could find a more minimal shoe to help me with my new running form. I did not, there were a some decent running shoes at Adidas but they all had stability support, which I don’t want. Guess I will have to keep shopping or order something online.

So I started poking around online more and had heard some people mention running flats. Looks like there are spikeless shoes for cross country runners that are minimal shoes that could work. Right now my pick is for the Saucony Shay Xc 2 they are $60-$70 which is decent and can be found cheaper online. Other options are New Balance MT101 adidas Xcs Brooks Mach 12 Inov-8 F-Lite 195 Terra Plana Evo Vibram Five Fingers KSO.

Quora question here


Found a barefoot shoe store that is somewhat close to me here  Wish there was something closer but will try to get down there to actually try shoes on.

Update 2:

Found some reviews of the new Vibram Five Fingers coming out this year here

They look really nice, and more athletic than the original ones, leaning towards the Bilka LS with the easy laces.

My pick for shoes that are available now is the Bikila seen here
Vibram FiveFingers Bikila


Comments on: "More barefoot running research" (2)

  1. What shoe would be best for a new POSE runner?…

    Going to answer my own question again. I haven’t bought them yet but right now my choice is for the VFF Bikilas If I wait a bit longer I wo…

  2. What are the best running shoes for someone who is flat footed?…

    I am flat footed, I just bought some Vibram FiveFinger Bikila’s and posted my research on my blog here I did have orthodics and they did not help. I have been running barefo…

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