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Today I took off my shoes, and it was amazing. I went for my longest run in a long time, and on the way back I stopped at a school that is close to my place and ran barefoot around the field 4 times. It was cold probably about 10*C or 50*F, but still felt really nice. It felt faster and I was a bit of an adrenaline rush. I have recently changed from heel striking to forefoot striking, so I am trying to ease into it so my calves and hamstrings can adjust, they are sore.

I know barefoot is not really in the 4HB at all but I do credit Tim with how I learned about the subject. I saw a video of him a couple years ago wearing the VFF (Vibram FiveFingers) and did some research to figure out what the heck they were. Since that point I always wanted to try running barefoot but never really was into running.

Since reading the 4HB I did some research on running (before I read the chapters on running) and found out about Chi Running and Pose Running (which is is the 4HB). I also tried to find out the difference between running form for distance running VS sprinting. I found and awesome video of Usain Bolt in slow mo here and another video of Haille Gebrselassie here

This video of Hallie led to a discussion with my ART Chiro about orthodics and overpronation, he is still a believer in orthodics and runs with a padded heel and an orthodic, but agrees that you should fore foot strike?  Seems contradictory to me but I could never get him to agree, I am not good at debating.

I have ordered my VFF Bikilas and they will be ready for me to pickup next week.  One I have them I am hoping to video myself running on a treadmill with my old shoes and orthodics vs the Bikilas (or barefoot).  I will post that here.

My recommendations, find a grass field to run on that is safe (my wife is very concerned about running barefoot until I convinced her it was the a safe as running at a beach), and easy into it.   I found a site that is anti barefoot running here which is a good prespective to see.  They claim there are more stress fracture injuries because of barefoot running, so it is good to be aware of that issue.  But I doubt the guy on that site has ever tried it.


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  1. […] for a 20 minute walk and a 15 minute run in the them and WOW.  Its not exactly the same a when I ran barefoot in a nearby field, the feeling is different, but it is the same type of mechanics.  I also really notice that my […]

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