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So the recent article on the WSJ by Amy Chua titled Why Chinese Mothers Are superior has gotten so much buzz (and uproar) around the internet that TechCrunch has an article about it Why American Mothers are Superior.  Myself being half Japanese (my Dad’s side) and my wife being Chinese found this article partially true but with very strong humorous undertones.  Yet it seems like every Caucasian person took offense to it.  Chua even responds here that “much of my book is tongue-in-cheek, making fun of myself”.

So now that I am a proud Dad of a 3 month old boy, what is my take on Chua’s article?  Spend the time with your kids, period.  This is something that I grew up with, and I think is really lacking in North America these days.

To expand on that there was a video I saw recently of an interview Richard Feynman discussing how his Dad raised him here and I will make sure I “Know the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.”

My goals as a parent are to expose my kids to as much as I can, sports, dance, everything.  Hoping that they find something they are passionate about early and get their 10,000 hours in as soon as possible.


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