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Self Promotion on Quora

Quora has been getting a lot of press on TechCrunch lately, so I started paying more attention to it (instead of the teens posting the questions over and over on Yahoo Answers).  A recent post that I answered got my attention here I posted an answer based on what works for me, which was one of Tim’s suggestions in the book to weigh and measure yourself daily, and that “being healthy” is too objective to be a goal.

I got a bit of flak from another user that being healthy is a state of being … wtf? no shit its a state of being, so is being a 300 lb lazy ass watching TV on you couch.  The commenter states that you can use the 4HB to just “be better” and not work on yourself to some “end”.  While I do agree with that, I don’t see that being a good method to get results.  Once a goal is reached you need to strive for more.  He goes on in a further comment to say

There is a certain readiness that people require to embark on behavior change. To even accomplish this readiness often means connecting with subjective statements about yourself that you yearn to be true. “I want to be happier”, “I want to love myself more”, “I want to be excited about my life”. They aren’t goals, but they signal a readiness to start making goals.

Now yeah there is some truth to this, but if someone needs motivation to want to be healthier then they have bigger issues than just health.

I find it funny that he discredits my advocating Tim’s goals but on his website it states on the home page “The Daily Challenge”

The Daily Challenge promotes everyday well-being by encouraging small actions and fostering the social ties that drive meaningful change.

Does a challenge not consist of a goal?

I commented back a couple of times because I enjoyed the discussion, he is a smart guy and means well, but I feel that people really over think this stuff and need to simplify things and get back to basics.

If anybody does read this I would love to hear what is your goal, how are you motivating yourself to accomplish it, actually I think I am going to post that question on Quora.


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  1. Hey Justin,

    I am also following the 4 Hour Body and have been keeping track of it on my blog at My goal is to get rid of my gut and be in the best shape of my life by the end of the year. I plan to go from my starting bodyfat % of 41.8 to around 10%. Seems like a lofty goal, but it is over an entire year. I only have to change around 60-70 lbs in order to accomplish this. I have no doubt whatsoever that I will succeed because I have committed to it 100%. I have not cheated a single time since starting on the 1st and I have no intention of doing so any time in the future. If I get below 15% bodyfat before the end of the year, then I will start gaining muscle. Honestly I don’t care how much I weigh as long as I have around 10-15% bodyfat. I will keep an eye on your progress and would love it if you could keep an eye on mine.


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