Making diet and fitness fun and easy

Tim finally got one of his outsourced lackeys to get a forum up at and there are a quite a few posts there already.  I have also updated my old post with a list of other blogs that are similar to mine here

There is a new post on Tim’s blog about the book as well. discussing some questions that people have been having.  Here is a summary:

  • Bonus Material now here
  • List of all gear from the book here
  • Do not eat the following, except for cheat days:
    Sweet potatoes
    Dairy (this includes cheese and yogurt of all kinds)
  • Post-workout carbs – If your goal is fat loss, and assuming you are not training for endurance competition:
    If you male and not 12% bodyfat or less, no post-workout carbs.
    If you are females and not 20% bodyfat or less, no post-workout carbs
  • If you have to ask, don’t eat it.
  • The most dramatic weight loss is weeks 4-6
  • The entire goal of 4HB is to make you a self-sufficient self-experimenter within safe boundaries.

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