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Vibram FiveFingers Suck


I have found that water shoes can also be used as barefoot shoes.  Here are some on amazon that look decent for $20, they are called Cuda Voyage Water Shoes. I will be picking some up soon and will give a full review.

No they don’t, it just sucks that I can’t afford to buy a bunch of them so I don’t have to wear normal shoes.  My Bikilas have arrived and they are AWESOME.  The fit is a bit odd because my left foot is a bit bigger than my right so the left foot fits perfect and the right foot is about 2mm too big in some parts.  The other part is my toes are so curled up from wearing shoes that have a small toe box that getting my feet into them it tough and my toes feel awkward for the first few minutes.

I went for a 20 minute walk and a 15 minute run in the them and WOW.  Its not exactly the same a when I ran barefoot in a nearby field, the feeling is different, but it is the same type of mechanics.  I also really notice that my left leg is about 3-4mm longer than my right which is probably what is causing my hip pain.

I will try to get to a treadmill soon so I can record my gait and stride in my Bikilas VS my addidas runners with my orthodics in them.

Update 1:
Being 6 days total since I got them, still only went for 1 run, been wearing them to work and getting lots of questions.  Going to be giving a presentation to my work Toastmasters club about barefoot running.

As a newbie to this barefoot and VFF thing I have found that:

  1. Getting them on is hard at first but after 5-6 days your toes straighten out and it gets easier
  2. My small toes looks funny because it goes in then back out.  Damn you small toe boxes
  3. When walking it still hit my heel and hear my foot flap, until it started to push my hips forward and hold my head up more.  Correct posture helped a lot.
  4. Its fun to explain to people what they are.

Watch for more updates.


Comments on: "Vibram FiveFingers Suck" (3)

  1. you have to be careful when you first start wearing VFF or going barefoot. If you wear shoes a lot your feet will need to be eased into the VFF’s. I have suggested to friends to wear them as house slippers for a week or two. Then wear them for a half hour walk. If they still are not feeling sore then start wearing them for part of the day. remember to stretch your calves everyday. As they wear them everyday start going for short runs. After a while lengthen the runs until you are strictly just running in the shoes.

    Many people report calf, foot soreness and shin splints in VFF’s. It is basically because their bodies are not used to doing things in basically bare feet. Ease into and enjoy your VFF’s

    • Thanks for the comment Ken. I have been wearing then everyday for 4 days now to le my body get used to them. I have not run in them since the first day, but will probably do a short run this weekend. They feel great so far.

  2. […] have wrote a couple times about the VFF Bikilas that I purchased a while ago, and how awesome they are.  I […]

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