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Doing it without PAGG

So you may have seen on the Pareto Nutrition Blog a picture I sent in of my PAGG bottles.  I am an affiliate of their and I always try to promote things that I believe in and use myself.  I have been sick for a few weeks so I did not want to start using the PAGG stack pills until I am feeling 100% so I have a good baseline to work with.

Previously I bought each item separately at my local Walmart (green tea and garlic) and health food store (ALA and Policosinol).  I did not buy green tea that was decaffeinated though, which was a big mistake.  This is why buying pre-mixed pills from Pareto is something I highly recommend, less guess work, no mistakes, easy to swallow in one pill.

So how to you stay on the low carb train while you are sick?  If anyone else has had this problem please leave a comment.  I have been having a fever, head and neck ache and a real lack of appetite.  I added a bit of fruit to my diet, and started taking multivitamins, calcium and magnesium every night and morning.  I have not yet been to the doctor so not sure what kind of flu I have but after a few weeks I am getting better.  I didn’t miss any work and was able to get through the days with some extra strength Advil, that shit work miracles.

So I did jump up in weight a few pounds, but I lost it all again very quickly and then some.  I am now down to 171-172lbs and close to my 165lb goal.  I have not had the energy to do my workouts though so I have to get back to that ASAP.

I will be sure to have a full review of taking the PAGG stack as soon as I start.



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  1. […] After reading the post on Tim’s Blog about the slow carb diet almost 4 years ago I had always tried to keep it in mind when eating, and thought it was an ideal way to eat.  After reading the book I took it seriously and jumped right in.  I did pretty good on it (plus PAGG for 4 weeks) and lost 10lbs.  I then ended up in the hospital due to appendicitis and lost 10 more lbs.  I was at my goal weight but still around 24-25% body fat (based on my bio metric impedance scale).  My goal is to get down to 10% body fat and I was far from it.  I kept eating the slow carb way as best I could, and working out 3 days a week but could not seem to get my BF% down anymore (had to take a break from PAGG). […]

  2. […] after taking some time off PAGG I have now started back on it again and noticed some differences right away.  My weight and […]

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