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Losing Weight The Hard Way

I am down to my goal weight of 160-165lbs at 162.4lbs.  Now I did 1/2 of this the “easy” way with slow carb, kettlebells and PAGG.  Then I got some sort of flu and following that had an odd stomach issue.  Well a week ago today it hurt so bad I had to go to a Doctor, I went to a walk in clinic near by and the Doctor sent me to the hospital for a CT Scan.  After waiting at the hospital for about 4 hours I saw a Doctor that said I most likely have appendicitis and will need surgery that night pending a CT Scan.  The CT Scan came back positive and I was under the knife a few hours later.  After 3 days in the hospital and barely eating for probably 5 or 6 days I got home and the scale said 164lbs, before the hospital I was at 172lbs.  A couple days later I was down to 162lbs and finally starting to eat and feel better.

Today I am about 90%, and doing light workouts, but I have not been eating slow carb yet, that will start again tomorrow.  Although I am down to my goal weight my body fat percentage is probably still 18-20% and mostly around my stomach area.  I still have a lot of work to do, probably a lot of muscle to gain back.

If anyone wants to see a laparoscopic appendectomy there is a great video here on youtube


Comments on: "Losing Weight The Hard Way" (5)

  1. I’ll be honest, dude…that’s gross. 🙂

    Sucks that you had to do it the hard way, but hey…weight is weight, right? J/k…but at least now you can focus on muscle for a while!


  2. […] and jumped right in.  I did pretty good on it (plus PAGG for 4 weeks) and lost 10lbs.  I then ended up in the hospital due to appendicitis and lost 10 more lbs.  I was at my goal weight but still around 24-25% body […]

  3. It’s weird.. I was also on an extremely low-carb diet and got apendicitis after 3 weeks. I wonder if the diet caused it

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