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Slow Carb Recipe Resources

Here is a list of books, blogs and other resources that I have found for slow carb and paleo recipes:

Do you have any recipes or resources for recipes? Post them in the comments and let everyone know.



Comments on: "Slow Carb Recipe Resources" (7)

  1. This list is awesome (and not just because I’m on it)! Thanks for compiling and posting it. Looks like I found some new reader material…


  2. Thanks for the list! I purchased the Slow Carb Diet Guide 2011 – I subscribed to their site and received 50% off (paid $7.49US). The guide is good, has 4 weeks of meal plans and some nice recipes.

  3. […] at My Four Hour Body created a post like this before I did. His 4HB recipe resources are also very good, so I recommend checking them out as well. He has links I specifically […]

  4. Hi!
    I love the list you’ve put together! Can’t have enough slow carb recipes. I’ve recently started up a 4HB slow carb recipe blog as well, and wondered if you’d be interested in linking to it in your blogroll. I’m at I’d be happy to link back to you as well. Thanks!

  5. Where can I find slow-carb crockpot recipes?…

    I am in the process of putting together a cook book that is a collection of recipes that I have found around the net. Right now I have one on my blog here UPDATE: Here is a list of r…

  6. Thank you so much! I’ve been getting bored of my repertoire, and the ones in Tim Ferriss’s slow-carb cookbook PDF (an early one he emailed out as a bonus) were kind of involved or even involved ingredients that weren’t quite on the diet! These are frickin awesome.

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