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Public tracking

{“chartType”:”LineChart”,”chartName”:”Body Fat %”,”dataSourceUrl”:”//″,”options”:{“reverseCategories”:false,”pointSize”:”0″,”is3D”:false,”logScale”:false,”wmode”:”opaque”,”title”:”Body Fat %”,”height”:371,”mapType”:”hybrid”,”isStacked”:false,”showTip”:true,”displayAnnotations”:true,”nonGeoMapColors”:[“#ff0000″,”#DC3912″,”#FF9900″,”#109618″,”#990099″,”#0099C6″,”#DD4477″,”#66AA00″,”#B82E2E”,”#316395″],”dataMode”:”markers”,”titleY”:”Body Fat%”,”maxAlternation”:1,”titleX”:”Date”,”colors”:[“#ff0000″,”#DC3912″,”#FF9900″,”#109618″,”#990099″,”#0099C6″,”#DD4477″,”#66AA00″,”#B82E2E”,”#316395″],”smoothLine”:false,”width”:600,”lineWidth”:”2″,”labelPosition”:”right”,”hasLabelsColumn”:true,”legend”:”right”,”allowCollapse”:true,”reverseAxis”:false},”refreshInterval”:5}

Now everyone can see where I am at with my progress and my goals. I will tweak this spreadsheet based on what my current goals are for strength and running.


Comments on: "Public tracking" (5)

  1. I love the idea :). It seems great for general goal tracking. Do you mind sending me a note on the implementation details? Either here, or via e-mail. I’m just curious, and I might want to implement this in some ares of my life 🙂

    • Hey Adam,

      Thanks for the comment. It’s a pretty simple google doc spreadsheet. They have some basic chart functionality, I just used the line chart. Then you can “Publish” the chart (not the whole spreadsheet), and it will give you some javascript that you can embed.

      Good luck, what would you be tracking?


  2. […] fasting I did not look this trim.  These 2 pictures are 65 days apart (2 moths and 4 days) total weight loss 24lbs total body fat% loss 7.9%.  I took one relaxed as well as one flexing my abs, why because I have abs […]

  3. Brett Denbow said:

    Justin, can you point me to a site that will help me replicate your spreadsheet above? I have a rudimentary idea of how to track my weight loss and body fat % goals, and therefore  my spreadsheet is not turning out as sophisticated as yours.
    Thanks very much. jamesbrettdenbow @ gmail . com

    • Anonymous said:

      I use google docs, there is a chart option built in.
      I manually took the data from my app.  DailyBurn has an iPhone app so I used that every morning to enter my weight and BF%

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