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The Pareto Nutrition PAGG Stack has improved in 3 ways

Well after taking some time off PAGG I have now started back on it again and noticed some differences right away.  My weight and body fat have bounced between 157 lbs and 160 lbs the last week and a half and my body fat according to my biometric impedance scale 22-23%.  When I do remember to take the PAGG capsule I am always at the low end of that and I am sure my results will continue to go down as I take it more consistently.

The new PAGG stack is coming soon, and although my headline is catchy there is no study or proof that it will make you loose fat faster.  The difference of the new pill are on a recent blog post at Pareto Nutrions site.  I will summarize them here:

  1. R-ALA
    R-ALA is the natural form of ALA where S-ALA is synthetic.  The benefit is it less gastrointestinal side-effects such as acid reflux.  And greater theoretical effect at a lower dose.
  2. No Green Tea in the Night Pill
    This is to align with the update that Tim made after the book was published.  Although decaffeinated Green Tea Extract at night had only 1 customer complain of insomnia (never affected me).
  3. Less Pills Per Day
    Now just 3 AGG pills per day with meals and 1 PAG pill at night.

Any questions about the PAGG stack comment here or check my page on PAGG


Comments on: "Pareto’s PAGG 2.0 … Lose Fat Even Faster" (2)

  1. Nice pictures, I have never been sure if its OK to order the PAGG stack to Sydney… I guess its worth a try.

    I dont really want to deal with different chemicals etc.

    I have only just started the muscle gain part of the book, i spent a couple of months getting diet right – have lost 12kg / 26pounds so far.

    • Chris,
      If you want any help putting together meal plans or work out schedule email me and I can help you.


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