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So my pant size 3 months ago was a 34 and some 34s where TIGHT.  My pant size now (and for the past few weeks) a 30!  I actually wasn’t sure what size I should be wearing so I told my wife I am probably a 30 now.  She orded some kahki’s off Abercrombie that came in a few days ago and they fit with some room too.

For the past few weeks I have been doing some creative things so I didn’t have to go out and by a new wardrobe so here are some ideas for those of you that are dropping pant sizes as well thanks to the #4HB

  1. Go through your old clothes that you stored away because they were too small
    I gave away a lot of clothes but found some that were smaller and I could where again
  2. Get a smaller belt
    One of the things I found with #1 was a belt that I bought not long ago that was too small.  That thing has come in handy.
  3. Wear shorts under you jeans
    This is the only way I can walk around without my pants falling down.  And it also helps so that your pants don’t pucker too much when when you cinch up your belt nice and tight
  4. Break out the sewing machine or take your clothes to a seamstress to get altered.  I haven’t done this but I almost had to when I was fat and my suits didn’t fit.
  5. Steal clothes from your younger siblings.  I did this all the time when I was fat too.  Now that I am as small as them again I can steal more!

Got any other tips?  Lets hear them in the comments.


    Comments on: "5 Tips to Keep Wearing Your Fat Clothes" (1)

    1. bodyrecomp said:

      This is a great post, funny yet useful

      I like # 3 -wear shorts under your pants, I’ll be following that one.

      I also found that if I don’t tuck in my shirt I can flip over the top of my pants and it tightens it around my waste, pants have to be long enough so they don’t turn into ‘floods’

      I will tweet it too

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