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Jason from Finding My Fitness recently made a post about Q2 Progress.  And previously I posted about how important goals are and how important it is to track them frequently.  Well it is time for me to start taking my own advice.

I have recently reach and surpassed some of my goals.  I went from 183lbs down to 155lbs, right now around 156-158.  I have good ab definition and am close to my 10% body fat goal.  Previously I was doing all my goal tracking based on my scale, but this is not going to change much anymore.  I started taking daily pictures which is a good fun way to track but is very ambiguous. I have still progressed and have had decent results but I stopped tracking something that was tangible and easy to track.

I have recently started reading Chad Waterbury’s blog and articles on T-Nation.  He writes about things that align very well with my goals, and is a pretty smart guy.  He had a recent article on Dragon Door about the importance of lifting speed.  In it he describes a protcol for reaching 100 push ups in one set.

How to Achieve 100 Fast Push-ups
The push-up is one of the best upper body muscle building exercises and the ability to knock out 100 fast push-ups is an impressive display of physical prowess. Here’s how you can reach that milestone.
  1. Do 100 fast push-ups every other day regardless of how many sets it takes.
  2. Your rest periods should match your current rep max. If you can only get 20-25 push-ups in one set, start with one minute of rest between each set. If you can already knock out 40 or more push-ups at once, start with 30-second rest periods.
  3. Decrease the rest periods by five seconds with each workout, but only if you get more reps in the first set than you did for the last workout. Let’s say you start this push-up program on Monday. And let’s say you got 41 reps with your first set. On Wednesday, if you got, say, 43 reps for the first set drop your rest periods to 25 seconds and complete 100 total reps. If on Friday you only get 43 reps for the first set keep the rest periods at 25 seconds.
  4. Follow the rest progression until you reach 10-second rest periods. Once you reach 10-second rest periods continue with the plan until you get to 100 reps for the first set. Importantly, only high-speed reps count. Stop each set once your speed slows down. The 10-second set limit I mentioned earlier doesn’t apply here.
This method can be applied to any lift with a submaximal load where a target number of continuous reps is the goal.
I will have started doing this every night, which may be a bit of overtraining but I seem to recovering quickly and this is the only chest/tri/push exercise I am doing.  I will be tracking my reps per set and total time to finish 100.  Last night I did 35x20x20x20x5 and took approximately 5 minutes.  I have included a graph below that doesn’t have much info now but I am doing this everyday so it will grow quickly.
I must say that I am noticing a huge gain in chest size in just 3 days, I will do some measurements as well.
To finish up, remember that once you reach your goals, or get close enough to them that you start becoming complacent, make new ones, make them EASY to track.
If you want to do the 100 push up challenge with me please do and let me know.  If you can’t do a full push up that is OK, there is a great progression for push ups in the Convict Conditioning book.  Start will wall presses, then incline push ups (on a bench or stairs), then a 1/2 push up (just go 1/2 way down), then a full push up.

UPDATE: I hit 100 pushups a while ago and It was actually pretty easy. I probably would not have been able to do it without going to the gym and working on my bench press which I am doing over 205lbs now.


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