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Is your routine aligned to your goals?

The 4-Hour Body has been coined a “choose your own adventure” book by Tim and other people.  I think this is a good term for it as there are many different concepts in it and some of them conflicting.  The most popular parts of the book are the Slow Carb Diet and Occam’s protocol.   I have seen some people doing Occam’s protocol workouts when there goal is fat loss, for example a person I follow closely newjohn at was doing this.  Occam’s is not a fat loss program, it is a mass gaining program.  While there is a fat loss workout routine in “Building the perfect posterior” it is more geared towards females, and is pretty low intensity.  The best fat loss program in 4-Hour Body is probably the CrossFit routine that is in the Endurance chapter.

So what is a good workout routine for fat loss?  As I have wrote before I think HIIT/Tabata style workout provide the best bang for your buck for fat loss and athletic performance.  NewJohn found a great site that has a Tabata style routine called Max Capacity Training.  After reviewing it the only thing I could see that is missing from this program is more pulling/contraction exercises for bicep and back, but other than that it is easy to follow, has a great site to track your results and easy to follow video as well.

I don’t do this exact program but something similar with kettlebells.  I also like to add in some slower heavier exercises as well to add some muscle hypertrophy and strength now that I am at the weight I want to be.  I am working towards single limb exercises to accomplish this because I do all my workouts at home.

If you would like some help figuring out a good workout plan for your own goals let me know and I will do my best to help you.   I am working on some videos to put up as well hopefully I have time to get those posted in the next couple weeks.