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Is Vegetarianism Healthy?


UPDATE: Dallas and Mellisa from the get what I am talking about.  See their talk at the Paleo summit here


My topic plan for this post was to do a rant on the myth that vegetarianism is healthy.  Citing Denise Minger’s AHS talk [1] exceptional dismantling of the China Study[2] (study not the China Study propaganda book), and how T. Colin Campbell set out to prove a hypothesis[3] and did not analyze the data without bias.  I was going to talk about how vegan parent forcing their children to be vegan have killed them, on multiple occasions [4][5][6][7]. Add a bunch of myth busting and citing articles and studies.  But I’m not going to do that, let me explain.

Recently talking with a few people, friends and family members, most understand Paleo and healthy eating.  We often talk about misconceptions of good nutrition and vegetarianism often comes up.  I know this for a while and have said this before but it recently just clicked for me, vegan/vegetarian and paleo are 90% the same (generally speaking).  Avoid processed food and sugar.  Eat organic and local whole foods.  The small 10% difference is meat.  That’s it, one tiny difference.  But you often see people on forums or in videos like the one below name calling and bashing each other because they eat or don’t eat meat.

Maybe one day instead of fighting about dogmatic values of nutrition we can get to a point where we can at least promote the things we agree on instead of hating on each other for the things we disagree on.


  1. How to win an argument with a vegetarian
  2. Final China Study Response
  3. China Study Author Colin Campbell Slaps Down Critic
  4. French vegan couple whose baby died of vitamin deficiency after being fed solely on breast milk face jail for child neglect
  5. Vegan couple cleared of starving baby, guilty of child neglect
  6. Atlanta Couple Gets Life for Starving 6-Week-Old Son
  7. Parents Who Impose Their Vegan Lifestyle On Young Developing Children.

Comments on: "Is Vegetarianism Healthy?" (3)

  1. Justin, this is a great point.  Almost everyone who wants to eat healthy agree on probably 90% of the stuff, like you said. There’s a girl at church who likes her family to eat healthy. They buy grass-fed and organic when they can, and she avoids as much processed food as possible. The only thing she and I disagree on is that whole grains aren’t as good for you as she wants to think.

    Maybe you’re on the cusp of a health revival! 🙂


    • I can’t understand why any one would thing wheat is healthy.  Recommend the book wheat belly to her 😉

      •  Yes, WE know that. But most people think wheat is healthy because that’s what “conventional wisdom” says!  I’ve decided I need to get rid of MY belly before I continue telling people what to do. But once I do, I’ll give her a copy. 😛

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