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First Episode of Why Fit TV

I have started a new video web series (Podcast) about fitness, nutrition, health and goal setting with a buddy of mine from college Chad Williams.  We released our first episode last week.  We got some good reviews even though the first episode is pretty light on content.  We have secured sponsorship from Pareto Nutrition, and will be able to keep the high quality of the video by BVK Films.

Feel free to comment below, good or bad.  If you have any suggestions for topics, guests or would like to participate in the show please let me know.  Questions are always welcome as well.


Comments on: "First Episode of Why Fit TV" (1)

  1. FMFBlogger said:

    Justin, the only thing missing from this first podcast is your abs. 😉 

    Thanks for asking my question on the air! I need to get Chad’s answer written down and add him to the list!

    Well done, sirs. Awesome start to a new webcast.  I’m excited to see how it grows. 


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