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Pareto Nutrition Helping Out the Million Pound March

Pareto Nutrition has added some more to help you get going with the million pound march that Tim started.  Here is what they are doing:

  1. They have dropped by the price on all PAGG packages that are 2 month supply or more by at least $50, or the minimum wager on dietbet.
  2. Everyone in the lower 48 US states are upgraded to FedEx 2nd Day. 
  3. No coupon code or other hoops to jump through
  4. Offer expires November 5th, so hurry!


Click Here to get the $50 off and 2 day shipping.



» How Your House Can Make You Weak The B

» How Your House Can Make You Weak The Bulletproof Executive

Fermented Cod Liver Oi Real Reviews | Fe

Fermented Cod Liver Oi Real Reviews | Fermented Cod Liver Oil Canada

First Episode of Why Fit TV

I have started a new video web series (Podcast) about fitness, nutrition, health and goal setting with a buddy of mine from college Chad Williams.  We released our first episode last week.  We got some good reviews even though the first episode is pretty light on content.  We have secured sponsorship from Pareto Nutrition, and will be able to keep the high quality of the video by BVK Films.

Feel free to comment below, good or bad.  If you have any suggestions for topics, guests or would like to participate in the show please let me know.  Questions are always welcome as well.

Is Vegetarianism Healthy?


UPDATE: Dallas and Mellisa from the get what I am talking about.  See their talk at the Paleo summit here


My topic plan for this post was to do a rant on the myth that vegetarianism is healthy.  Citing Denise Minger’s AHS talk [1] exceptional dismantling of the China Study[2] (study not the China Study propaganda book), and how T. Colin Campbell set out to prove a hypothesis[3] and did not analyze the data without bias.  I was going to talk about how vegan parent forcing their children to be vegan have killed them, on multiple occasions [4][5][6][7]. Add a bunch of myth busting and citing articles and studies.  But I’m not going to do that, let me explain.

Recently talking with a few people, friends and family members, most understand Paleo and healthy eating.  We often talk about misconceptions of good nutrition and vegetarianism often comes up.  I know this for a while and have said this before but it recently just clicked for me, vegan/vegetarian and paleo are 90% the same (generally speaking).  Avoid processed food and sugar.  Eat organic and local whole foods.  The small 10% difference is meat.  That’s it, one tiny difference.  But you often see people on forums or in videos like the one below name calling and bashing each other because they eat or don’t eat meat.

Maybe one day instead of fighting about dogmatic values of nutrition we can get to a point where we can at least promote the things we agree on instead of hating on each other for the things we disagree on.


  1. How to win an argument with a vegetarian
  2. Final China Study Response
  3. China Study Author Colin Campbell Slaps Down Critic
  4. French vegan couple whose baby died of vitamin deficiency after being fed solely on breast milk face jail for child neglect
  5. Vegan couple cleared of starving baby, guilty of child neglect
  6. Atlanta Couple Gets Life for Starving 6-Week-Old Son
  7. Parents Who Impose Their Vegan Lifestyle On Young Developing Children.

How Exercise Does and Does Not Affect Fat Loss Updated

I previously wrote a post about exercise and fat loss referencing an article in Time Magazine.  In it I state my opinion of fat loss as

  • Everyone responds to exercise differently.
  • A deficit in energy is required.
  • Most affect is indirect
  • Exercise matters enough that it should be customized based on your body type

After reading Gary Taubes book “Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It” my opinion has changed dramatically.  First I would like to add some things that I now believe as well as update previous things that I stated in my last post.

New thoughts:

  • It is all about hormones
  • Excess fat will make you want to be sedentary while being lean will make you want to be active
  • Body composition is a terrible indicator of fitness level
  • Exercise will cause you to eat more to maintain an energy balance

It is all about hormones

This is something that Taubes talks about a lot, but seems to talk about insulin a lot more than any other hormones, which I will discuss in my review of the book.  The one thing that I took from this is that hormones control everything, and we can control our hormones via diet and exercise.  Hence why I think exercise is mostly indirect.

Excess fat will make you want to be sedentary while muscle will make you want to be active

This is an obvious over simplification, but I think it needs to be said because it is an odd catch 22.  This also would explain why as people gain weight and get fat they tend to stay on a linear progression in that direction and tend to do less.  This is probably the main reason why I think regular exercise is important to lose fat, to break that cycle and become more active.  For those of us that are gym rats we know the feeling of not going to the gym for a few days or a week we get antsy.

Body composition is a terrible indicator of fitness level

Now I don’t feel so bad some people bigger than me passed me during the 1/2 marathon I ran.  I always knew this was the case, but after reading the book it became so obvious.  Metabolic training (what most people call cardio) is good for many things, but fat loss it is not.

Exercise will cause you to eat more to maintain an energy balance

This was one of the main concepts in the Time Magazine article as well.  This is one concept that I agree with but don’t.  The thing I think people disregard is what food people eat more of.  If you have good carbs to refill muscle glycogen it is much different than carbs that fill liver glycogen.

Everyone responds to exercise differently

I still think this is true for the most part, but exercise without eating correctly is detrimental.

A deficit in energy is required

I am not so sure about this any more.  I previously thought this was the case after reading a lot of Lyle Mcdonald and Martin Berkhan but with the studies that Gary Taubes talked about it has been proven that people can become obese on a very low calorie diet.  What is required is less carbohydrates which I will discuss in another post.

Most affect is indirect

I now think this is even more extreme that all affects of exercise are indirect for fat loss.  Physiological affects are huge, so are hormonal affects (mostly testosterone) and insulin sensitivity of muscle and fat cells as mentioned above.

Exercise matters enough that it should be customized based on your body type

I really don’t know about this statement any more.  With the affects being so indirect is there really a point to doing HIIT or long durations of cardio?  The one thing I know for sure is that strength training or “Lifting Heavy Things” as Mark Sisson likes to say, is probably the best thing to do for fat loss.  Routines probably only need to be customized for your performance goals.

Here is a video of Gary Taubes debating exercise with Dr. Oz

Who do you agree with?

Is there a diet better than the slow carb diet part 2

Its not just about Fat Loss

I while ago I posted and article about intermittent fasting after I found Martin Berkhan’s site  To me (and some other smart people) intermittent fasting is great for fat loss but also has many other benefits to health and longevity.

A couple months ago I re-read this guest post by Robb Wolf on Tim’s blog about the Paleo Diet.  I had read it the first time it was published as well, but I was not eating good then and it didn’t really impact me for some reason.  I then went out a bought Robb’s book The Paleo Solution.  This book may have change my life, as well as my friends and families life, way more than the 4-Hour Body did (but the 4 Hour Body did lead me to Robb Wolf).

Since then I have became the Paleo guy in the 4HB Talk Forum, and preaching the Paleo way to anyone that I think would listen online and offline.  I even did a speech about it at my Toastmasters club.

Its about more than just fat loss

Since I have already crushed my goal for fat loss I needed another motivator to eat healthy.  The affects that grains, dairy and even legumes cause on our bodies is enough motivation for me to not eat them, or eat them in very limited qualities.  Here are some direct benifits that I have noticed since going full Paleo:

  1. No more acne
  2. No more body odor (so my wife tells me)
  3. No more breathing/asthma problems
  4. Crazy fast recovery from injuries
  5. Hair staring to grow back on my head
  6. Even more fat loss
  7. Crazy amounts of energy
  8. No more digestion issues
  9. No more joint/arthritis issues

These seem to be common benefits that most people get from eating Paleo.  For any one that is sick with any type of auto-immune disease like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus this diet is a must.

What is the difference between Paleo and Slow Carb?

There are actually very few differences between Paleo and SCD.  Some people thing that Tim developed SCD from the Paleo diet, but because SCD is a Low Glycemic index diet, I think it is more directly from that.

  1. No legumes (beans, lentils)
    Legumes are full of nutrients and high in fiber, but they also contain lectins which are an anti-nutrient and can cause health issues.  Read JD Moyer’s article for a good view on Legumes.
  2. No cheat days
    Some people live for cheat day, I was not one of them.  When you ingest lectins and other anti-nutrient from grains, legumes and dairy it take over 15 days to completely repair your intestinal wall.
  3. Fruit and dark chocolate are allowed
    These foods are the only way that I have been able to eat this way and still enjoy it.  Fruit should be eaten in moderation, and usually coincide with a pre or post workout meal.  Dark chocolate fondue is my Paleo cheat day that sometimes happens too often.

As you can see the differences are minimal.  I don’t miss any flour products or baked goods at all, I do over indulge in fruit sometimes.  I do highly recommend this to anybody that is having success with the slow carb diet as I think you will have even more success with this way of eating.

Here are some additional resource that I have found very useful.

As usual let me know if you have any question, success stories, or comments.