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Goals, Routine, Tools and Supplements


  1. Under 165lbs (Done)
  2. Fix old knee MCL injury (Done)
  3. 10% Body Fat (Done)
  4. Sub 5 second 40 yard sprint (5.73 seconds timed with iPhone camera as of February 2011)
  5. Sub 60 minute 10 KM (Done 54:03)
  6. Bench Press 225 10 reps (Best ever was 3 reps, currently at 1)


Since starting 4HB I have not set foot in a gym or lifted any weight that were not kettlebells or bands or my bodyweight.

  1. 2x20lb kettlebells from walmart ($90)
  2. 1 door pull up bar from walmart ($40)
  3. Resistance bands from various places, winners etc (~$20)
  4. Vibram FiveFinger Bikilas for running ($100)
  5. pro iPhone app for tracking bodyweight, bodyfat, meals, and workouts ($10)
  6. pro iPhone app for tracking runs (Free)
  7. Ab ball for balance exercises ($10)
  8. Measurement tracker app for iPhone.  I don’t use it but it has more detailed measurements than Dailyburn.
  9. app for iPhone.  I don’t use it but looks good.
  10. Convict Conditioning Book I use for bodyweight exercises


Disclaimer: These are supplements that I have taken links are affiliate links.  I no longer take any supplements and recommend unsweetened ones if you need them.

  1. Pre workout Anaburst by CGD
    Similar to Jack3d (Canadian Link)
  2. SciVation Xtend (Canadian Link)
  3. AllMax IsoFlex Whey Isolate (Canadian Link)
  4. Optimum Casein Protein(Canadian Link)
  5. PAGG – here is my page on it, and a direct link to the PAGG stack I use

New Weight Gain Routing June 1st- Present

  1. 7:00am Wake up quick workout push-ups and chin-ups
  2. Breakfast 2 whole eggs and 3 strips of turkey bacon with PAGG  and Kirkland Fish Oil
  3. 10am-Noon Coffee with cinnamon and almonds
  4. 12:30pm WOD
  5. 7pm Dinner Chicken, Fish, or Beef with green leafy veggies
  6. Fruit and Extra Dark chocolate

Intermittent Fasting Routine March 1st – May 23rd

  1. 6:00-6:30am Wake up, take weight and body fat % and enter into daily burn
  2. On workout days take BCAA (workouts are ever other day 3 days a week) Update: ran out of BCAA on March 21st
  3. Foam roll and stretch
  4. Workout A (work outs are done with body weight and 10 second rests in a reverse pyramid)
    Chin ups
    Push Ups
    Dead Lifts (with kettlebells and bands)
  5. Workout B
    50-75 Kettlebell swings
    20-30 Kettlebell snatches
    10-20 Turkish Getups
  6. On workout days take another 10grams of BCAA
  7. Coffee (on off days)
  8. 8-2PM drink 3+ liters of water
  9. 2PM Protien shake, canned tuna, banana, and AGG
  10. 6PM v8 in car ride home
  11. 7-8PM high protein diner with some carbs and AGG
  12. 2 mins of light activity (squats, leg raises, pushups)
  13. 10PM take weight and body fat % and measurements
  14. Bed with PAGG

Old Routine Jan-Feb (Lost 20lbs)

  1. Wake up and drink 500mL of cold water, take weight and track in
  2. Breakfast – Seen here
    AGG (Alpha Lipoic Acid, Garlic, Green Tea)
    1 whole egg
    1 egg white
    bean/corn salsa
    1 cup spinach with lemon juice
  3. Stretch, foam roll and rehab exercises
    Static Calves – Bent knee and straight knee
    Static Hamstrings – Standing
    Clam shell – Open close knees
    30 mountain climbers
    10 Fire Hydrant Circles
    10 Roll overs into V-sits
    Foam Roll – IT band and hamstrings –
  4. Workout
    75 2 hand kettlebell swings or 20-30 minute jog
    20 kettlebell snatches each arm (added in February)
    turkish getups each side (added in February)
    10 Dead lifts (with bands and 20lb kettelbells)
    12 Stabilizing push-ups (on ab ball or volleyball under one hand)
    15 Myotatic crunch
    10 Stabilizing Push-ups – One hand on a ball, alternating hands
  5. Cold Shower
  6. Cold Car ride to work – Started to warm up recently from 0*C to 10*C might need to use the A/C
  7. Lunch (with AGG)
    Usually lentil or bean soup, chicken or beef, and vegetable salad (tomato, cumber etc)
  8. 2 mins of exercise, usually push ups and 1 leg air squats, and myotatic crunches
  9. Cold Car ride home
  10. Dinner (with AGG)
  11. Cold Bath (only if had coffee or soreness)
  12. Stretch and pushups
  13. PAGG (Policosinol for 2 weeks)
  14. Bed



Comments on: "Goals, Routine, Tools and Supplements" (13)

  1. If one followed all the advice in Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Body (supplements, workouts, eating schedule), what would your daily regimen be like?…

    Everyones routine needs to be customized. I have to schedule my day around my work, my wife and my 2 month old baby. I have am tracking my progress and have a detailed post here I am always tweakin…

  2. Hey I was wondering if you wouldnt mind updating your current routine to include your typical lunch and dinner menus. You have posted the details of your breakfasts, but for lunch and dinner you’ve put “lunch” and “dinner”.

    I like what you have so far, but I’d like to see how what I’ve put together for those meals compares to what you are doing.


  3. Hi Jeff,

    My lunch and dinner vary quite a bit. I will make some posts with examples, and eventually take some pics.


  4. Anonymous said:


    I’ve just started IF and wanted to know if you use BCAA on your non workout days? Also, are you still doing a binge day? -Thanks

    • Anonymous said:

      Hey Jeff,

      I usually don’t take BCAA on non workout days. Just black coffee and water.


  5. dpender said:

    on  your March 1st – May 23rd routine I noticed you did BCAA, AGG, AGG, PAGG.  How come you left out the third AGG? IS it only because you had 2 actual “meals”?

    • Anonymous said:

      Yes you are correct. And I didn’t always remember to take it with meals but noticed a huge difference when I did.

  6. dpender said:

    I started IF about a week and a half ago. It was a transision from the SCD. I know I may sound a little impatient but I’m not sure if I’m sold on IF yet. What kind of results are “realistic”? I take PAGG , BCAA on my workout days and my feeding schedule tends to be from noon to 8pm. I’m around 10-12 percent body fat respectively. It seems I’ve lost a bit of my cut since I’ve started. Am I just not being patient enough? I’m tying to get that last bit of fat burned and Im not sure if this is the diet for me. How long did it take you to see some major cuts? I’m trying to stay away from anything other than coffee as far as stimulants are concerned. I get up around 7am and the time between that and my first meal is always a bear. It’s like I’m counting down the seconds. How long should I expect this to happen? Basically what were your experiences with it? Thanks for the post and thanks for reading this terribly long question…

    • Anonymous said:

      Hi, I started at a higher bf% so it may have been a bit easier for me. Email me and I can get more details on your routine and try to help you out.

  7. Hi, could you elaborate on Workout A of the IF using body weight and 10 second rests in a reverse pyramid please?

    How many sets x reps for each.
    Was any extra weight applied?

    • No extra weight was applied just standard pushups and chin ups with body weight.  The deadlifts were with 2x20lbs kettlebells.

      I think I was actually doing them in a normal pyramid not reverse pyramid.  I would go until failure then rest until I caught my breath, probably more than 10 seconds most times.  Then go to the next movement.  I would try to do 4 circuit as I felt this worked the best to improve my ‘cardio’.

  8. Miguel B said:

    Hi Justin – I started IF yesterday. I will follow your “Intermittent Fasting Routine March 1st – May 23rd” routine pretty much to the letter, along with Chris Kresser Paleo Code (Reset phase) but instead of coffee I will change out with Green Tea or Yerba Mate, as coffee upsets my stomach. 
    Questions: 1) On IF do you only drink coffee on off days only? what did you do on workout days? only water until 2pm?
    2) I was wondering if it is essential to take BCAA. i´ve tried these powders in the past, and I get extreme discomfort and upset stomach. Wondering if AGG is sufficient in the morning (though I am doubting I should take it on empty stomach).

  9. mauricioZ said:

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