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Thank you for visiting my blog, my name is Justin.  I am a fan of Tim Ferriss and his body hacks, I purchased his book The 4-Hour Body looking for help on accomplishing my goals.  I am using this website to publicly show my own research and self experimentation with the techniques from The 4-Hour Body, and others that I have found while doing related research. You can see my progress and read some of my other tips and trick for succeeding at losing fat, gaining muscle, getting faster and stronger.


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  1. Hi — Just wanted to send a quick note saying thanks for the acknowledgment. Nice looking site, and well done. Also, wanted to let you know about our affiliate program. We’ve already had sales come via your site so I thought you might as well get something for it. Also, and of course this is in my interest, I’d love to set you up with a nice graphic of our PAGG bottles that you can put on your side bar.

    Thanks again, look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Sorry, forgot to include a link.


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